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Getting Started with Day Trading

In this webinar, VRD Sir will lay down a road map for getting started in day trading. If you are a beginner interested in day trading, this session will answer some of the most commonly asked questions such as : is day trading profitable? , how much money can one earn from day trading? how to get started with all this?

Very informative session for aspiring day traders.

  • May 27th (Sunday)

  • 12:30- 2 pm

Top 5 Technical Indicators of Day Trading

Ideal for anyone who is interested in Day Trading.

  • June 10th (Sunday)

  • 12:30-2 pm


““There are only 2 ways to learn trading: either by trial & error OR by watching a real professional trade. I chose the latter because it was much easier, much quicker and much cheaper”

Parthasarathy, Dubai

“The turning point in my trading career came when I met with VRD sir. His words have the power of cutting through all the BS and letting common sense prevail”​

Abhishek, Bangalore

“Trading without a mentor is like preparing for Olympics without a coach- you most likely are not going to make it. Go to VRD sir- the guru of day trading- and you won’t have another dry month.Ever. I am making more money than I could have ever dreamed in my previous jobs”​

Chaitanya, Bangalore

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