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Program Objectives

6 month comprehensive program designed to train and groom top professional traders. If you have the patience to learn trading the right way, this program is for you.

Quick Snapshot

  • Duration : 6 Months

  • Fees (all inclusive) : ₹39,900

  • Online Classes

  • Markets: Equities (Stock Market) & Commodities

  • Instruments: Cash, Futures & Options

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Upcoming Batches

  • October Batches

    • 27th October – 27th April
  • November Batch

    • 17th November – 18th May


  • Personal Mentoring: maximum number of 1:1 sessions with VRD Sir

  • Live Trading Room: Elite offers the highest number of live trading sessions

  • Most comprehensive program aimed at immersive learning experience

  • The best that we have to offer!

Ideal For

  • Working professionals who can’t devote over 4 hours per week

  • Those needing extensive mentoring and personalized guidance

  • Those interested in mastering every area of trading

  • Beginners and new traders (i.e. with less than 1 year experience in trading)

Program Features

Program Delivery

01. Live Online Training Sessions

The live sessions with VRD Sir are aimed at reinforcing the concepts and applying them in the real world context. Sir typically covers the topics such as:  Key trades taken in the past few days, technical analysis of NIFTY & Bank NIFTY charts, outlook of the coming week and key events, analysis of global/macro cues, and questions & answer session at the end

Elite Program Offers

  • Total Sessions : 24

  • Every Session : 1.5 hours long

  • Frequency: Weekly

  • Mode: Live Webinar

02. Knowledge Sessions

Keeping the time constraints of working professionals in mind, we deliver a part of the program via recorded videos that you can watch at your own convenience. All these recordings have recent case studies (because we keep revising them weekly) that you are expected to analyse in parallel to watching them. This ensures that you engage and apply and not just become a passive learner. The topics in every video is cherry picked and aligned perfectly with the goals of each program.

Elite Program Offers

  • Total Duration: 100+ Hours

  • Frequency : Every Monday

  • Average Duration: 1-2 hours

  • Mode: Recording

03. Personal 1:1 Mentoring

We provide personalized mentoring to all our students based on their risk profile, time constraints, experience level and income objectives. Sir will provide guidance on strengths & weakness of trader, analysis of trader’s trades in previous week, answer any doubts the trader might have, guidance on scaling capital, action plan for coming week.

Elite Program Offers

  • Total Mentoring Sessions: 6

  • Every Session: 30 mins long

  • Conducted via: Phone

  • Trading mentoring

04. Live Trading Room

Students will have the opportunity to look at the trades VRD Sir takes in real time and learn from his explanations of why he took certain trades and which strategies were applied. This session will have live trades taken in real-time,  analysis of why certain trades were taken and why others were not, post mortem analysis of how the day went and mistakes & learning from the good, bad and ugly trades.  During the session, he will also provide guidance on students’ trades.

Elite Program Offers

  • Total Live Trading Room Sessions: 12

  • Each Session: 1.5 hours (9-10:30 am)

  • Frequency: Every 2 weeks

  • Conducted via : Live Webinars

05. Weekly Assessments and Benchmarking

We measure the progress of students every week via our online assessments. Not only do we find the strengths and areas of improvement, we also are able to compare a student’s progress with respect to his peers and previous students. This gives us and the students a fair idea about how their learning is going and what corrective action (if any) should be taken to course correct.

Elite Program Offers

  • Total Assessments: 24

  • Every Assessment: 30 mins

  • Frequency: Weekly

  • Conducted via : Online Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this course is designed for experienced traders who are already familiar with the stock market basics. For beginners, we recommend Pro or Elite Traders programs.

The live sessions are conducted on Saturday (10:30 am-12 pm). For the schedule of other elements (Live Trading Sessions, 1:1 mentoring & Recorded videos), please send an email to  support@vrdnation.com

Yes, all our courses are online.

Trading Room is a logical extension to our programs. After students have developed a good understanding of the strategies through the programs, they have the option of joining the Trading Room to watch us trade live and see those strategies in action. As part of the Elite Traders Program, we offer 12 complimentary Trading Room sessions.

No, the Trading Rooms are only for our students.

Yes, all the programs are designed keeping working professional in mind therefore the classes are conducted on weekends/late night on weekdays.

No, we also focus on swing and positional trading just as much.

Program Contents

Module 1 : Foundation

  • Intro to Stock Markets
  • Key players in the stock markets
  • Selecting best trading account, brokers and platforms
  • Learn about the various financial instruments (Cash, Futures & Options)
  • Understand how price-action creates opportunities to make money

Module 2 : Technical Studio

  • Learn Technical Analysis
  • Candlestick patterns, Support/Resistance, Channels, Gaps, Consolidation, Trends and Reversals
  • Key technical Indicators & their applications
  • Working with different chart Timeframes
  • Breakouts & breakdowns

Module 3 : Risk Management

  • Risk profile of financial instruments​
  • Understanding leverage & margins
  • Position Sizing Fundamentals
  • Hedging Rules
  • Calculating risk-reward ratio
  • Understanding market & stock volatility

Module 4 : Fundamental Analysis

  • How to assess company’s financial health
  • Indicators for financial fraud or malpractices
  • Reading financial statements like a pro

Module 5 : Trading Psychology

  • How greed and fear control our trading decisions
  • Developing mental framework and rules for trading without emotions

Module 6 : Strategies

  • How to generate passive income from stock market
  • Trading in various time frames – intraday, swing and positional
  • Trading strategis for indices
  • Assessing and investing in IPOs
  • BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) strategies

What Students Say

Best investment I ever made in myself ! Ideal course for beginners who are interested in the stock market. VRD sir is a great mentor!
Prateek Srivastava

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