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What is Live Trading Room

Learn trading by live trading

Our philosophy is that trading is best learned by doing rather than just theorizing about it. Trading Room is like a real-world laboratory where over 1000 traders join VRD Sir while he trades with real money, in real-time. 

What Happens in Trading Room

A typical trading day is divided into three parts.

1. Pre-Market Preparation

No Prep, No Fun.

Trading is all about preparation. We spend extensive amount of time researching stocks and the markets in general to spot promising opportunities. At the end of it all, we have a scenario based game plan.

2. Live Trading

Trade like a top athlete

Our trading philosophy is to trade only the setups are all in line with our strategy. We trade primarily in BANKNIFTY, NIFTY and futures & options of large cap stocks. All the trades are taken right in front of our students and notifications is sent out to those who can’t join the live webinar.

3. Post Market Analysis

An unexamined day is not worth trading

We are obsessed with analysis. We don’t let any trade go by without cutting it wide open and examining what went right, what went wrong, what could have been done better, how was the setup, how was the entry, how was the exit, what mistakes were made and what did we learn. It’s mentally and emotionally exhausting but that’s our job!

We walk the walk!

Trading live with our own capital in front of students

A Typical Day

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Pre Market Analysis
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Live Trading
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Wrap up Trading
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Trading Room is exclusively for our  students (current and previous batches).

Please scroll down and you will find the link for getting Trading Room access.

Yes, we send out the recording of the live sessions by the end of the day.
Please do not blindly copy ours (or anyone else’s) trades because of following considerations:
  1. Position Sizing: Always take trades that are in line with your risk profile. Just because we can afford to lose 10k in one trade doesn’t mean that you can too.
  2. Stop Loss: you may need a tighter/wider stop loss depending on your risk tolerance.
Don’t forget to follow your trading plan not ours. Also, keep in mind that if you just keep copying the trades and never learned how to trade yourself, you will always be dependent on someone else.

Yes, VRD Sir provides his inputs on students’ trades.

No, the URL that we send out every day is unique to you and you are not supposed to share it with others. We have the capability of tracking how many sessions are using the same URL, from which location and IP address. Therefore, please do not engage in such unfair practices. Apart from breaking the honor code, you will also be violating our policies.
If we find any evidence of distribution, your account will be immediately terminated and the fees will be forfeited.

We trade primarily in futures segment.

We trade primarily in the Equities (stock market).

Trading Room Fees

What Students Say

VRD Sir’s Trading Room is probably the only place in India where you can learn stock market by watching someone trade live. It’s been 4 months I joined his Trading Room and have been amazed by Sir’s ability to teach and trade simultaneously. I highly recommend joining his trading room.
Aman, Los Angeles

Learn. Trade. Repeat.


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