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Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I learn more about VRD sir’s profile?

You can find most of the information on the “About Us” page. Here’s the link to his LinkedIn profile

Where are you located?

Our team works out of Hyderabad, Bangalore and Seattle. All the programs are delivered online therefore we didn’t venture into the traditional brick-and-mortal institute . However, based on popular demand from locals, very soon we’re planning to open a training centre in the heart of Financial District, Hyderabad (near Gachibowli) for conducting short term workshops. Stay tuned!

What is your refund policy?

The fees are non-refundable because of the nature of our service. However, if you paid the fees and can’t start the program for work/travel related reasons you’ll have the option of switching to a later batch.

Do you provide any guarantees?

We don’t see the point of giving guarantees because it gives everyone an easy way out. We want our students to commit to this program and expect the same commitment from our side. If we are not delivering on our promise, we won’t survive long enough anyway.

Are your courses suitable for working professionals?

Absolutely. All our courses are designed keeping full time working professionals in mind. Our classes are scheduled outside of regular working hours (weekend, or nights) so that working professionals can easily attend them. The recording of each session is sent out promptly so that those who couldn’t attend can catch up later. We are also very accommodating of any reschedules in personal mentoring session.

Can I join the Trading Room without enrolling into any program?
The Trading Room is only for our students (past and present) .
Do you conduct physical classes/workshops?

All our courses are online. We occasionally conduct 2-day workshops in major cities but that’s not a substitute of the courses we provide online.

How long does it take to learn trading?

If you have no experience in trading, it can take anywhere from 3-6 months. If you have a good understanding of the stock market, then the learning curve is shorter (2-3 months).

I have no background in finance. Can I still become a successful trader?

Having a financial background is not a prerequisite to being a successful trader. Our students come from all kinds of academic backgrounds such as Engineering, Creative Arts, IT etc.

Do you provide stock market tips?

No, we don’t provide stock market tips. What we do provide is practical (& live) stock market training so that you can become a successful independent trader.

I have a full time job. Can I still pursue trading?

Yes, full-time working professionals can learn trading without having to sacrifice their work commitments. The majority of our students are working professional who either trade part-time or want to slowly transition into trading as a full-time career.

Are there any pre-conditions that I should be aware of?

Nopes, this is it.

Are the Trading Room fees separate from that of Courses?

Yes, the fees for both are separate.

Which markets do you trade?

We trade primarily in the Equities (stock market).

Which instruments do you trade?

We trade primarily in futures (and sometimes Cash/Options) segment.

Can I get guidance on the trades that I take on my own?

Yes, VRD Sir provides his inputs on students’ trades.

Will I get recording of the live trading session?
Yes, we send out the video recording of the live sessions by the end of the day.
Can I just copy the trades taken in your Trading Room?
Please do not blindly copy ours (or anyone else’s) trades because of following considerations:
  1. Position Sizing: Always take trades that are in line with your risk profile. Just because we can afford to lose 10k in one trade doesn’t mean that you can too.
  2. Stop Loss: you may need a tighter/wider stop loss depending on your risk tolerance. Again, don’t forget to follow your trading plan not ours.
Also, don’t forget that if you just keep copying the trades and never learned how to trade yourself, you will always be dependent on someone else.
Can I share the Trading Room access with my friend(s)?
No, the URL that we send out every day is unique to you and you are not supposed to share it with others. Apart from breaking the honor code, you will also be violating our policies. If we find any evidence of distribution, your account will be immediately terminated and the fees will be forfeited.
What are the different payment methods?

We accept all kinds of payment methods such as Net Banking and all major Credit/Debit cards.

What is a typical batch size for any of the programs?

We keep the batches small so that there’s no compromise with personal mentoring time with VRD sir. A typical batch size can go anywhere from 20-30 members.

Any courses for Forex or Commodities?

We teach Commodities trading in the Elite Traders Program but no plans to get into Forex trading as of now.

Do you only teach intraday trading?

We teach all 3 forms of trading: intraday, swing and positional. Intraday trading is ideal for full-time traders but for working professionals with time constraints, we help devise swing and positional trading strategies that work for them.

Is VRD a name?

We get this question a lot. VRD is short form of sir’s full name Venkata Raman Deepak Rao.  His students call him VRD Sir out of love and respect.

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