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Learn from the most successful traders in Indian stock market.

Pro & Elite Programs Offer

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Pro Trader Program

Elite Trader Program

Fees (all inclusive)₹19,900₹39,900
Duration3 months6 months
Basic Stock Market KnowledgeNot RequiredNot Required
Student’s Time Commitment (Per Week)5-6 Hours3-4 Hours
Live Training Sessions12 Sessions24 Sessions
Complimentary Access to Live Trading Room6 Sessions12 Sessions
Personal Mentoring3 Sessions6 Sessions
Intraday Trading Strategies
Swing Trading Strategies
IPO Trading Strategies
Advanced Options Strategies
Algo Trading
Commodities Trading
VRD Framework for Intraday Trading
Amibroker AFL’s (for Trading Strategies)Worth ₹15,000 free
Trading Library AccessDuring Program onlyLifetime Access
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